Meet the Massage Therapist

Melanie Barrett is your Massage Therapist. She has been treating Ontario residents since 2011 and is a dedicated massage therapist, providing effective and restorative therapy. Her focus is rehabilitation and restoration within a whole-body approach to facilitate best outcomes. Melanie has a wide range of experience as a Registered Massage Therapist. She has provided services in a general massage therapy clinic, sport centre, rehabilitation environments, spa and has worked independently.

Currently, Melanie is in the process of becoming a Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioner – Matrix Repatterning™ is a gentle, non-invasive method with powerful results for treating recent and past injuries that result in biomechanical dysfunction (even those that occurred in childhood). Living bones are strong and flexible, and play many parts in keeping a person healthy (e.g. red blood cells, stress response, glucose homeostasis, reduction of fat deposition and more). Injuries distort skeletons and result in postural changes that cause modifications in movements and sometimes, there is a perception of pain—and disruption to other systems. Because body parts are interactive, mobility and general health are affected by alterations to bones from injury. Do not accept that you will just have to live with your new limitations! Matrix Repatterning™ provides balance for ideal communication between soft tissues and the deeper, denser structures. When our bodies are in balance, the perception of pain is reduced, biomechanical function improves and general health does, too.

However, your wellness plays a big part in your health. Massages for mood and mindset, stress control and soft tissue mobility are necessary in your rehabilitation, maintenance and prevention plan. Your mood and state of mind are important in keeping your commitment to progress.

Melanie is a strong advocate of the practice of offering individualized treatments; sometimes with recommendations, in cooperation and coordination with your physiotherapy, and always with wellness support to her clients. Regular scheduled sessions are recommended to maintain optimum condition. Sessions would be more frequent if you are looking to address specific concerns.

Melanie’s current interests include Matrix Repatterning  epigenetics and evolution of self, appreciation of natural environments, good food, and a little movement to round things out.

Book a consultation today and ask me how I can help you.