Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a section of physical therapy that focuses on the treatment of musculoskeletal pain through the use of the hands. The therapy allows trained physiotherapists to focus on specific muscles groups and joints to provide targeted relief. The professionals at Whitby Physiotherapy & Home Care are efficiently trained in manual therapy techniques and practices so that we can provide patients with the best results for their ailment.

There are two techniques of manual therapy that are used in joint pain relief; manipulation and mobilization. Manipulation focuses on moving the affected joint past its active limit through fast paced movements. Mobilization is a slow, controlled procedure that is intended to increase the range of motion and flexibility of the joint. For more information on manual therapy click here

What are the benefits of Manual Therapy?

Manual therapy can serve as an additional therapy procedure to other procedures or can be used on its own to relieve pain. The following benefits can be achieved from any manual therapy treatment:


Sensitize and improve joint movement


Provide joints with free range of motion


Break down of buildup within the joint

Manipulative therapy can aid patients in relieving their pain from their head to their feet. Whether your pain is in your neck, shoulders, arms, knees, or ankles, relief can be found through experienced, clinical manual therapy treatment.

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