Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Without the right rehabilitation program, the road to recovery following a major bone break or surgery can be just as hard as the actual break or surgery! Whitby Physiotherapy & Home Care is committed to guiding you down this road and helping you become a better and strong person.

Orthopedic rehabilitation is the treatment and reconditioning of damaged bones and joints following surgery. The objective of Orthopedic rehabilitation is to return full functionality to the damaged area. If you would like to learn more about Orthopedic, click here

What is Whitby Physiotherapy & Home Care’s process?

Manual therapy can serve as an additional therapy procedure to other procedures or can be used on its own to relieve pain. The following benefits can be achieved from any manual therapy treatment:First and foremost, our qualified physiotherapist will evaluate your condition post-surgery. This includes evaluating your current range of motion, functionality, and the strength of the recently-repaired area

After your condition has been clinically assessed, our physiotherapists will map out an rehabilitation treatment plan that is personalized to meet your needs. We are committed to providing our clients with treatment programs that are specialized to them through one-on-one therapy sessions. These sessions can include manual therapy, muscle movement training, stretching, and muscle and joint strengthening.

As a result of these sessions, your body will become stronger and you will no longer need therapy sessions. However, we are committed to developing strong relationships with our patients, meaning that we value your health, body, and well-being as much as you do. Your personal physiotherapist will educate you in ways to maintain a strong and healthy body, reducing the chances of recurring injuries.

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