Sports Injury Rehabilitation

As a sports enthusiast, there is nothing you value more than your body. Sports injuries can limit your ability to enjoy or perform the physical activities necessary for the sport. That is why a sports related injury can be so devastating and carry a strong emotional toll on the person. Through a precise and professional rehabilitation program, you can overcome your injury and get back to the sports you love.

About Sports Injury Rehabilitation

The professionals at Whitby Physiotherapy & Home Care believe that sports injuries are all unique and require specialized attention to ensure the quickest and most successful recovery possible. With our one-on-one care, your injury can be assessed and a recovery solution can be created that is tailored specifically to your injury.

An increasingly common sports related injury is a sprain or tear of the knee. Check out this great fact sheet from the Ontario Physiotherapy Association.

When it comes to sports injuries, knowledge is power! Armed with the right education, you can prevent sports injuries from occurring by taking preemptive measures and recognizing the signs of potential threats. Our trained professionals will teach you the proper techniques to prepare your body for extensive physical exercise and how to take care of your body to prevent future injuries.

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