Our Services

Whether you are a young athlete who suffered an injury, an elder person with limited mobility, or a person suffering from pains and strains from daily life, our team is here to provide you with quality, professional services.

In-Home Care

We provide professional, clinical services in the comfort of your own home across the Durham Region and GTA.

Neurological Rehab

Let us help you regain your strength and confidence following a stroke or nerve damage. We can also help patients manage conditions such as MS and Parkinson’s.

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

If you have recently undergone joint or bone surgery, we can help you regain strength, mobility, and functionality.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Recovery from sports injuries is easy with our rehabilitation program. We will strengthen your body and teach you how to avoid further injury.

Industrial Injuries

Suffered a work related injury? Through one-on-one care, our specialists will get you back to work sooner.

Muscular Skelator Injuries

Our team can help alleviate the hardship of pains and strains across the body through a variety of therapeutic procedures.

Meet the Man Behind Whitby Physiotherapy & Home Care

Learn about Sal Elshamiy; the founder of Whitby Physiotherapy & Home Care, and his mission to change the way Physiotherapy is delivered to patients — one patient at a time.

Latest Articles

Why Does My Shoulder Hurt?

Shoulder pain is very common across all ages, different problems arise in different age groups. Children tend to suffer more traumatic injuries, these injuries can cause cartilage tear, labral tear or instability like dislocations. Children who are active in sports...

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Why Does My Knee Hurt

Knee pain is very common among people of all ages, some have occasional mild pain while others have constant severe pain that usually happens while walking or climbing stairs. As your pain becomes severe it may start giving out on you or feel unstable (my knee feels...

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Why Doe’s My Ankle/Foot Hurt?

Ankle injuries are very common. Ankle injuries are one of the most common reason patient’s visit their doctors or physiotherapy clinic. The most common ankle injury is ankle sprain/strain which involves an injury to one or all of the ligaments holding your ankle bones...

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