Industrial Injuries

Industrial injuries are any injuries that are incurred at a workplace or are a direct result of working, but are incurred over time. Despite the best efforts of employees and employers, injuries do occur in the workplace. Whether these injuries are immediate or the result of continuous strain on the body, any injury can limit your ability to perform at your workplace. Furthermore, industrial injuries can several impact your ability to perform daily tasks and can lower your enjoyment of life.

Common causes of long-term industrial injuries are misuse of equipment, poor ergonomics, manual lifting, and slip-and-fall. While this list is not inclusive of all causes, if you feel unusual or overwhelming pain following one of these causes, it is highly recommended that you seek therapy. Workplace injuries that are left unattended to can result in larger problems at a later stage in life.

A very common industrial injury is lower back pain. Check out this great video for more information on low back pain

The steps to recovery from an industrial injury

The first step to recovery from an industrial injury is to assess the severity of the injury. A qualified physiotherapist will perform an examination of the injury, taking the time to consider pre-existing injuries, medical illnesses, and any other factors that will impact your recovery. From this assessment, the physiotherapist will map out a recovery program.

The second step in recovery is rehabilitation. Through therapy the damaged soft tissue or joints will be improved to return your body to its best state. Our physiotherapists will guide you through the rehabilitation process and will ensure that you have a successful recovery program that allows you to return to work free of pain and with improved functionality.

The final step in recovery is prevention. We believe that the strongest asset a personal can hold to prevent future injuries is a strong body. Through strength therapy, we will condition your body and hardened areas that are highly susceptible to future damage. Patients will also be educated by one of our qualified physiotherapists on how to avoid future incidents and how to care for your body before, during, and after work.

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