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Meet Sal Elshamiy; the founder of Whitby Physiotherapy & Home Care

Mission Statement

Our mission is to change the way physiotherapy is delivered to our patients through education about their condition or injury, and a hands-on approach with one-on-one coaching and mentoring. With our experience, enthusiasm and patient commitment we will come up with best plan of care to help you recover and achieve all of your goals.

Our History

Sal Elshamiy is a registered Physiotherapist who graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the Philippines in 1995. After graduation, Sal moved to Canada and had been practicing Physiotherapy in various settings and in many clinics. In 2014 Sal went to Washington DC where he completed his Manual Therapy Certificate, and in 2015 he graduated with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.

“Whitby Physiotherapy & Home Care” was established in July 2015 to change the way Physiotherapy is delivered to patients — one patient at a time.

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